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Are you still paying $50 per month to use some clunky business document software that you can't even access whenever you want, or download and print as you wish? And let's be honest, you're not even using 10% of its available functions.

Well, of course not! These online business document tools and software are loaded with so much information that you can't even read them all, let alone use. What's worse, you save your business's essential and most private information on their website, blindly trusting it to work seamlessly and retain all of your important data.

With YVOXS, you don't need to pay for what you don't need. Aside from our free templates, you can purchase individual document templates that are necessary for your business. The document becomes yours to use, edit and distribute as you wish, and there is never a worry to store your business planning or reporting progress on our website!


About our

Clean Design

Our templates are neatly designed and easy on the eyes to add some style to your business documents.

Sensible Layout

The document contents are sensibly ordered so that they're self-explanatory and easy to follow.

Easy Formatting

Unlike documents with clunky and messy formatting, our templates don't lose their shape when edited.


Enjoy your own fully customisable templates with no hidden ownership marks. Use as you wish!


Our documents cover the little details and elements of business that can often be overlooked or forgotten.

Click & Edit

Most of our templates have placeholder texts that you can click and edit or delete if unnecessary.

Built-In Excel

Where relevant, our Word templates have built-in and formatted excel sheets you can edit on the spot.